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PolyWorks offers you an embedded statistical process control
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PolyWorks dimensional control platform is available not only for all high-density point cloud 3D digitizing platforms, but also for all major brands of articulated arms, photogrammetry based and hand-held probing devices, laser trackers, and manual CMMs. Discover why major automotive and aerospace OEMs around the world rely on the PolyWorks platform for tool and assembly engineering. From your computer, virtually assemble digitized product components, identify and characterize interfering parts, or highlight instabilities in your tool design or assembly process. With the PolyWorks point cloud engineering techniques, 3D metrology becomes an integral part of your product engineering workflow, from start to finish. PolyWorks offers you an embedded statistical process control (SPC) methodology, ideal to quickly and easily analyze multiple digitized instances of a part or product in a pre-production context. You can now digitize or probe a set of pieces, accumulate measurement results as pieces are being analyzed, and then visualize a trend chart, Cp, or Cpk for nearly all dimensions. Quantifying the repeatability and reproducibility of your manufacturing process has never been easier. All PolyWorks results can be formatted and exported to text files for further processing in your corporate SPC solution. Top polygonal quality is at the core of PolyWorks' success. With its unmatched adaptive point cloud meshing technology and capability to reconstruct perfect geometry from imperfectly digitized parts, PolyWorks has dramatically expanded the use of polygonal models (STL) in industrial applications, enabling remarkable new applications, such as aerodynamic simulation on digitized clay models or mold and die duplication from polygons. PolyWorks now offers robust CAD model import and watertight tessellation technologies that promise a new era of polygonal interoperability between 3D digitizers and CAD/CAM software.

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  • Many options and customizations options
  • state-of-the-art program in CAD domain


  • Hard to use, and lot of knowledge needed
  • very expensive
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